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What we do?

Accessibility Audits

Got a website or Mobile App that needs to meet WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 2.1 to comply with Section 508 & ADA Compliance. Meet our Accessibility Expert & Expertise Team members

Accessibility Consulting

Got burning Digital Accessibility questions? Talk to our Accessibility Experts and find solutions for your problems.

Accessibility Trainings

Want to build or scale accessibility practice? We design & deliver accessibility courses that create Accessibility champions.

Principles of Accessibility


Visitors must be able to perceive, or understand and be aware of, the content and information that’s presented on your website.


Operable websites can be used without disrupting the user in any way.


All content on your website including your written and graphic design content should be easily understood by visitors.


The content on your site should be easily interpreted and consumable by all visitors, including those who use assistive technology like screen readers.

Tools and Resources

  • Color Contrast Checker
    Try out our accessible color palette generator for the best possible accessible background and text color combinations as per WCAG 2.1 guidelines!
  • Web Accessibility Checklist
    Planning to design and develop accessible digital products? Check out our checklists for the various digital platforms so that you have a framework for your designs!
  • Website Accessibility Checker
    Use our free website accessibility checker to assess your web page for WCAG 2.1 failures.
  • Accessibility Cost Calculator
    Estimate approximate costs for an accessibility audit and consulting, based on industry data.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of qualified accessibility professionals and we have the expertise and knowledge to offer accessibility advice and guidance for compliance with the Web Accessibility Standards.

We customize our accessibility services and provide comprehensive solutions to meet your accessibility needs and requirements. We help broaden your user base & make your websites better for your users. We take sincere interest helping your company reach its potential.

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