Accessible Website Design & Development

Accessible Website Design & Development

HolisticA11Y provides end-to-end accessibility solutions. Not only can we audit and identify accessibility issues, but we can provide development support, training and remediation, even in conjunction with in-house resources.

HolisticA11Y is expertized in creating beautiful, useable, and accessible websites that comply with web content accessibility guidelines which is adapted by countries as the basis to meet accessibility compliance.

There are many dimensions of accessibility to consider when designing digital experiences. Accessibility is a team effort between designers, developers, copywriters, and content creators. For this reason, it is important for designers and developers to be conscious about accessibility right from the start of a project, since most of these considerations require lot of collaboration, the earlier that accessibility is considered in a project, the better your outcome will be, both for users and your business.

Whether you need to build a new website or modify an existing one, we are here to help you with our technical accessibility expertise and guide you through the life cycle of your project.

We adapt the shift left approach with every project and make sure that accessibility is baked into each step of the design and development life cycle.

We follow a five-step process of:

Each website that we build is:

  • Beautifully designed, useable, and accessible
  • Search engine optimized
  • Evaluated by people with disabilities
  • Code is clean and optimized

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