About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of Accessibility specialists passionate towards enabling the solution providers can increase their reach to the wider community thereby supporting the solutions to embrace Accessibility standards.

Our Accessibility specialists come from various industry segments having a broader industry experience ranging from Solution delivery, IT consulting, Account management, IV&V (independent verification & validation), Audits providing a comprehensive understanding of the IT landscape.  In addition to the above, our experts bring deep Accessibility expertise that can be amalgamated into their industry experience delivering rich specialized solutions.

Our experts have been industry certified especially from CPACC, WAS and CPWA.

Our Aim

We aspire to deliver industry leading accessibility solutions at a faster pace with a competent price-point to make accessibility adoption plausible.

Why Do You Need Us

We combine our passion in Accessibility with broad IT industry expertise to deliver competent solutions that will enable your business to access wider market base, stay relevant and compliant.

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