Digital Accessibility Services

What we do

Customer is the center of all our services. Our services are tailored to be specific to your business needs and cost effective.

Our accessibility auditing services mainly focuses on WCAG, Section508, ADA EN 301 549…

To meet legal requirements and sell an accessible products comfortably, our team of experts would prepare VPATs and Accessibility Statements.

Designing websites is one thing. But designing websites and appps with accessibility embedded is another thing.

Don’t know where to start? Consult with us, and let us help you decide the best way to move forward with accessibility for your organization. Whether you are starting out, in the middle of a project, or need to meet a deadline, we are here for you.

Once your application is audited, the next step is to make it accessible. That is what remediation means. You can do it yourself, or work with our experts to get it done.

We offer training programs for every other role in your organization and based on the business requirements.

Our Services

HolisticA11Y provides accessibility services that are scalable, cost affective and integrates with existing workflows. To achieve compliance with web content accessibility guidelines, you can get started with our services.

Web Accessibility Audits

We perform accessibility testing on your website and provide you with an actionable report which will help you achieve compliance with ADA, AODA and EN 301 549.

Mobile Accessibility Audits

Got an app on IOS or android? We got you covered! Our audit report will reveal all the accessibility violations and provide you with necessary recommendations.

Affordable Audit Packages

Choose the best suited accessibility audit package for your website or mobile application, starting from $3500 for 10 pages to become compliant with digital accessibility laws.

Accessibility Pricing Calculator

Find how much an accessibility audit will cost taking the number of pages, complexity of the website, consulting hours, follow-up audit and VPAT into consideration.

Digital Accessibility Training Courses

Learn how to test digital content using the WCAG 2.1 guidelines and identify the accessibility failures.

Learn about what are screen readers, how digital content is read by screen readers and how to test web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1) using screen readers.

Learn all aspects of web accessibility that help content authors like writers, podcasters, video-creators, etc. to create engaging content that is accessible.

Learn how to develop applications that are compliant with international Web accessibility standards.

Learn how to design web content that is accessible, adheres to color contrast requirements and create accessible and interactive elements.

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