Web Accessibility Audit Pricing Calculator

Determine the cost of an accessibility audit taking the number of unique pages, type of website and consultation hours into consideration. The cost provided here is factored after gathering and analyzing industry data.


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How much does an accessibility audit cost?

An accessibility audit is where someone manually goes through your website and looks for accessibility issues under WCAG 2.0 AA or 2.1. A typical accessibility audit starts at $3,500 and there are various factors that will impact the cost like consulting, VPAT, follow-up audit, training etc.

How long does an accessibility audit take?

A typical accessibility audit for ten pages will take 2 weeks, this period is based on the complexity of the pages and other factors like number of unique templates, dynamic components, VPN access etc.

How to identify pages for accessibility audit?

It is not feasible to perform a manual website accessibility audit on an entire website. Our accessibility audit specialists will usually work with you to identify exactly which pages to check, but start by putting a sample together to give them an idea of what’s on your
website. Your sample should include:
• Your site’s homepage
• Content pages that are mostly text based
• Images, video and audio content
• Interactive tools and transaction, like forms
• Pages including login functionality, if your website has them
• PDFs and other document types you have
• Dynamic content like pop-up windows
• Navigation pages, including your sitemap and pages with search functionality

Do we need to perform accessibility audit on entire website?

It’s not usually feasible to audit the entire website which might run into thousands of pages. You should focus on:
• Getting a representative sample of your page templates and content
types tested
• Any key interactive features
• Your most common or important user journeys
• Any particularly problematic areas you’ve seen in testing

What is involved in accessibility audit?

Our accessibility specialists will perform accessibility audit of your website against WCAG 2.1 (known as conformance testing), to make sure it meets the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standard. The audit also include testing with assistive technologies like screen readers and magnification software.

What happens after an accessibility audit?

Once a web accessibility audit is performed and the report is delivered, developers need to go through the audit to understand the issues and the steps needed to address accessibility problems. Developers will most likely want to arrange a time with our accessibility experts to answer any questions that arise. Once their questions are answered, developers will go ahead and fix the issues in the accessibility audit report and will likely want a Follow-Up Audit to confirm that the fixes have successfully removed the barriers identified and that no new barriers have been introduced.

Is there a VPAT given after an accessibility audit?

Once the Follow-Up Audit confirms that all of the issues identified in the initial audit report have been addressed, our accessibility experts will start the process  to issue a VPAT [Voluntary Product Accessibility Template], accessibility statement or conformance claim.