Find Landmarks on Web Page with A11Y Bookmarklet

Landmark roles (or “landmarks”) programmatically identify sections of a page. Landmarks help assistive technology (AT) users orient themselves to a page and help them navigate easily to various sections of a page.
They also provide an easy way for users of assistive technology to skip over blocks of content that are repeated on multiple pages and notify them of programmatic structure of a page.

Using Landmarks Bookmarklet to identify all Landmarks markup on a web page
Landmark Bookmarklet

Landmarks Bookmarklet for Accessibility Testing

Highlights all ARIA landmarks, including HTML5 tags that are interpreted as landmarks

Landmarks Bookmarklet Code

See the Pen Landmark Bookmarklet by HolisticA11Y by HolisticA11Y (@HolisticA11YHub) on CodePen.

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Reference: Accessibility Bookmarklets