Android Accessibility Testing Tools

Testing is an important part of making your application accessible to users with varying abilities. Following design and development guidelines for accessibility are important steps toward that goal, but testing for accessibility can uncover problems with user interaction that are not obvious during design and development.

To help people with disabilities access Android apps, developers of those apps need to consider how their apps will be presented to accessibility services.

We compiled a list of tools that can help you with accessibility testing for Android apps.

  • Accessibility Insights for Android
    Accessibility Insights for Android is a free, open source tool that helps developers find and fix accessibility issues in Android apps. The tool runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can test apps on a hardware device or on an Android Virtual Device.
  • Accessibility Scanner
    Accessibility Scanner is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills. Just open the app you want to scan, then tap the Accessibility Scanner button to find items in the app that might benefit from accessibility improvements. You can use this app to suggest changes to developers or to make changes yourself.
  • Accessibility Test Framework for Android
    Accessibility checks for automated Android testing. This library collects various accessibility-related checks on View objects as well as AccessibilityNodeInfo objects (which the Android framework derives from Views and sends to AccessibilityServices).
  • Android Accessibility Suite
    Android Accessibility Suite is a collection of accessibility apps that help you use your Android device eyes-free or with a switch device.
  • Axe Android
    Automated WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 Accessibility library for Android Applications.
  • Flow Analyzer for Mobile
    Automatically pinpoint accessibility issues in iOS and Android mobile applications and generate actionable reports.
  • Remote Debugging for Android Devices
    Code capturing for Android can be performed using the Chrome browser’s developer tools. When connected, your desktop Chrome browser will show the dev tools for the browser on the Android device.

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