VPATs and Accessibility Statements

VPATs and Accessibility Statements

HolisticA11Y provides end-to-end accessibility solutions. Not only can we audit and identify accessibility issues, but we can provide development support, training and remediation, even in conjunction with in-house resources.

What are VPATs?

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™) is a document that explains how information and communication technology (ICT) products such as software, hardware, electronic content, and support documentation meet and conform to the Revised 508 Standards for IT accessibility. When filled out, VPATs are referred to as an Accessibility Conformance Report—or ACR.

Why are VPATs important?

VPATS help determine how accessible a company’s products are, and to determine whether or not the products contain any deficiencies. An incomplete or inaccurate VPAT can result in non-compliance with accessibility compliance Standards and you may also lose your business due to failure in precisely reflecting how accessible your digital property truly is.

What are Accessibility Statements?

An accessibility statement is a public information page that clearly communicates your website’s accessibility level and the level of web accessibility to which the website aims to meet along with stating the accessibilities policies followed, accessibility goals and past ventures in working with people who have disabilities.

Why are Accessibility Statements important?

Accessibility Statements are important as they:

  • Reflects your compliance with anti-discrimination laws that you may be compelled to follow
  • Show your users that you care about accessibility and inclusive services
  • Provide them with information about the accessibility of your content
  • Demonstrate commitment to accessibility, and to social responsibility
  • Helps users understand the level of accessibility across your website or application.

How do we help with VPATS and Accessibility Statements?

  • At HolisticA11Y, our VPAT specialized team have the required accessibility and technical knowledge to assist you in filling a comprehensive, detailed and clear VPAT that ensures a trouble-free purchase of your digital products.
  • With expertise in Section 508 testing, we provide VPAT audit support by conducting audits as per Section 508 and assist with identifying the accessibility challenges, and creating VPAT’s that meet the organizations accessibility requirements.
  • Deliver an objective, unbiased, fully accessible ACR and provide regular monitoring and re-evaluation to ensure you maintain accessibility compliance with new version releases of our digital products.
  • Building a comprehensive and detailed accessibility statement ensuring any important accessibility concerns about your digital product features are answered.
  • Designing accessibility statements with key information such as how to report an issue, how to get accessible support options and how to self-serve for common setting changes.
  • Designing accessibility statements with information on where there are accessibility barriers and suggesting users of alternative methods to access the content thereby enabling a positive experience as possible with your brand.

Ready to begin your VPAT Audit and form an Accessibility Statement?

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