Expert WCAG Mobile App Accessibility Audits for IOS and Android

Hire IAAP Certified Mobile Accessibility Specialists to Perform Mobile Accessibility Audits

Identify critical accessibility failures in your mobile applications with an accessibility audit.

We perform in-depth accessibility evaluation of your mobile application using a combination of automated tools and expert-based manual testing and provide recommendations for remediation.

What our Mobile Accessibility Audit includes:

Our mobile accessibility audit service includes testing with automated and manual tools (including screen readers), generation of report showing accessibility violations, recommendations for remediation in conformance with WCAG guidelines along with examples of code snippets.

We perform accessibility audits on all major browsers and screen readers, most of our employees and partners are people with disabilities and are experts in using various assistive technologies.

Our Approach

Our team of accessibility specialists apply a proven methodology to help your organization understand the state of your digital accessibility.

  • The latest standards: we assess digital content against the industry-leading Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level
  • Accessibility Methodology: We use automated and manual testing to identify all accessibility bugs. All pages and components are evaluated by people with disabilities who use screen readers.
  • Understandable results: Our mobile accessibility audit results come in an easy-to-understand spreadsheet, featuring high-level summaries and line by line breakdowns of our accessibility testing results.
  • Accessibility Consulting: As part of our mobile accessibility audit, our accessibility specialists also provide consultations to answer your questions related to accessibility.

What our Accessibility Audit Report contains:

  • Executive Summary: A comprehensive dashboard of the pages audited, identification of accessibility failures and the failures by impact and WCAG checkpoints.
  • Summary: A n overview of the accessibility failure.
  • Description: Detailed description of the accessibility failure in simple language.
  • Recommendation: How to fix the accessibility bugs along with an example code.
  • Impact: A rundown of the impact of the accessibility bug on the overall accessibility compliance of the mobile applications.
  • The report is presented in a table which clients can access from their dashboard. Clients can also download the accessibility report as a CSV file and upload into bug tracking systems.

Next Steps

After completing an accessibility audit of your mobile application, you have a list of accessibility violations to address. It’s common, especially during first-round reviews, to find a significant number of accessibility issues when getting started with accessibility. Let’s get to work on fixing them.


Not all accessibility violations are equally problematic, nor does every barrier require equal effort to resolve. Major barriers might be able to be handled in a couple minutes, while minor inconveniences could require significant creativity and effort to address. When you request an expert accessibility evaluation from HolisticA11Y, issues are prioritized as follows:

  • High – This issue will fully block some users from a core function of the service or significant portion of content. 
  • Medium – This issue causes a noticeable inconvenience to some users, but can be worked around with effort. 
  • Low –  This issue might cause a minor inconvenience to some users. 

Seek Expert Help

Sometimes accessibility barriers can be easy to identify, but the solutions to those barriers are less clear. For consultation on specific issues with regard to the accessibility audit report, leave us a message and our accessibility experts would get back to you. 

Review the Work

Especially with code changes, accessibility fixes for one issue may inadvertently cause issues elsewhere. Re-review your content or service after making any changes to confirm no new errors were introduced. Get a re-audit of the mobile application once the fixes are in place, our accessibility specialists will validate all the code fixes.

Plan for Future

Be proactive in ensuring the accessibility of your digital presence. It’s easier and provides a better user experience to be accessible upfront via training and awareness than it is to be continually looking backwards at what is currently broken. After completion of mobile application accessibility evaluation and fixing the issues found, we encourage you to go beyond and take the next steps to minimize any remediation efforts you need to make in the future.

Schedule Accessibility Audits

Technology is always changing. Scheduling regular accessibility audits will help you identify potential barriers before they have the chance to impact your users, and will prevent a sizeable backlog of tasks being created all at once.

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